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Sport Buchebner


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Valley staion chairlift - Spital am Semmering


Race service

The difference between the normal service and the race service consists of:

  • slowly and sensitive plane grinding
  • structuring of  skis in different variants (slalom, giant slalom)
  • special tuning of layer sides edges,  side edges with up to 86°

You will receive more detailed information about the racing service by a personal consultation  in our house but also any time by phone.


Sport Buchebner

Peter Perner

Business owner


Bundesstraße 6d

8684 Spital am Semmering - Austria


Phone +433853 / 229

Mobil +43664 / 13 11 176

Opening hous:


Winter (from 02.11.)

Daily from 8 am - 5 pm


Summer (from 15.05.)

Daily after arrangement

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